I am grateful, 2nd

* Note: Following a large number of comments for translation, the latter/blog made in English language ​​in this blog. Blue colour …

I am grateful.

…for everything. For every moment – in last month… For everybody who stand behind me. And for everyone who gives me energy and having me in their thoughts…

Sem hvaležen.

…za vse. Za vsak trenutek – v zadnjem mesecu… Za vsakogar, ki mi stoji ob strani. In za vsakogar, ki mi daje energijo in me ima v mislih…


Vau… Gratitude. Modest. But I have to write it about it here. Grateful… I feel it. In my heart. Lot of things are going on. Lot of energy is growing. In team, in team of Never give up… and in myself.

Explanation: Who we are, who or what is team Never give up? Athletes, sportsmen soul, humanitarians, volunteers and especially the people who do their best to help those who need help the most. 

How do we help? As best we know how – by running. Or with the organization of sports and humanitarian event where athletes collected / running enthusiasts and we run – entry fees that are symbolic but also devoted to charity (Slovenian Youth Association). There are also other activities and activities of the Never give up, such as collecting food, clothing, etc. collection.

Vau… Hvaležnost. Skromna. Ampak jo moram tle zapisati. Hvaležnost pa čutim. V srcu. Veliko stvari se dogaja. Veliko energije raste. V ekipi, v ekipi Never give up-a…in pri meni.

Moment – yesterday. Pleasant business – friendly meeting. With Thomas who I have known for many years, and we are also good friends. He and his wife live in Vienna and because he travelled throught Slovenia we have meet each other and have pleasant business-friendly meeting.

Trenutek – včeraj. Prijeten poslovni – prijateljski razgovor. Z Thomasom, katerega poznam že vrsto let in sva tudi dobra prijatelja. Z ženo živita na Dunaju in ker je potoval skozi Slovenijo sva to izkoristila za prijeten poslovni-prijateljski razgovor.

The word has turned to running activities and project Pika ultra run. And gesture – by Thomas. Immediately, without hesitation. Thomas, you are great man. It was a simple question: “Bogo, can I donate? Please … For Those Families. ” Thomas, thank you. I can not neither with words, neither with writing here to tell what this means to me. We (Never give up) got a donation for our families from abroad. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is only one part of gratitude. To which I will “work out” what I have announced… This will be an additional motivation/reason to do a “work”. 

Explanation: Pika ultra run is 24 hours humanitarian run arround Velenje’s lake and thrught the Pippi Longstocking Festival. I have announced that i will run of 100 miles in time of 24 hours. With reason…

Beseda je nanesla na tekaške aktivnosti in projekt Pikin ultra tek. In gesta – Thomasa. Takoj, brez pomisleka. Thomas, you are great man. Preprosto vprašanje je bilo: “Bogo, can I donate? Please… For those families.” Thomas, hvala. Ne morem ne z besedami, ne z pisanjem tukaj povedati, kaj mi to pomeni. Dobili smo donacijo za naše družine iz tujine. Hvala, hvala,  hvala. To je le en del hvaležnosti. Za katero bom oddelal, kar sem napovedal… To bo še en dodaten motiv za “delo”.

Moment – yesterday, it is only one of many.

… Hvala. Thanks…

Trenutek – včeraj, pa je le eden izmed mnogih.

… Thanks. Hvala…

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