It is always never give up – english translation –

Several person contact me (via wordpress contact and/or e-mail contact and/or FB contact) about what is a meaning of this post titled “It is always never give up”… Even myself was surprised when I received so many questions, friendly notes from Canada, US, Germany and Austria wondering of meaning…

It is always never give up

Weeks are turning arround, days are shorter and shorter; in general there can be anoticed thinking of (at least by commercial populistic reading about running in different magazines) like the end of running season. But myself in this time of season am activating back on longer runs or larger number of training units (power training, running, pilates exercises). All my minds are focused on already settled down goals for the next year and also a little bit further… Last 14 days were realized like that:

Mon, Wed, Fri – running (10, 17 and 10 kms)

Tue, Thu, Sat (14.11.), Sun (15.11,) – fitness, power training

Than I took two days off for relaxing and on Wednesday run off 10 kms. After that it followed Friday run with my friend Miha on the Rožnik Hills where we break down aprox. 18 kms. Miha, thank you for guiding and showing me the almost night Rožnik 🙂

Gore, dole Rožnik

Up & Down Rožnik with Miha

After the day off on Saturday than I used the Sunday (22.11.) for perfect Training day – where at the end of day I could only say It iS Always NeVer GiVe Up… There was late morning run of 10 kms at snowy trails, after that followed light snack and afterward also fitness – power training. After the work out I run off another 3 kms on running track (for the first time 🙂 ) just to cool down.


Fitness traingn 22.11.

Beside Focus, looking for Feelings and Desire, really big Desire…there was  rolling on my minds following Thought – showed with picture…

Bogo poster 1


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